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    Broken beach Bali is also called as Pasih Uug.

    It is located in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali.

    This beach is located on a cliff with a hole in the middle. Sea water from the vast ocean enters through a kind of tunnel that erodes the cliffs. If seen from above like a puddle in the middle of a cliff. Very beautiful and charming. Sea water trapped in the middle of the cliff looks blue with calm waves so it is suitable for swimming or playing water.

    The blue of the sea on Pasih Beach Uug looks more beautiful in the middle of the high cliffs that surround it. When coming in the rainy season, the green grass that thrives adds to the beautiful natural beauty of the Pasih Uug Beach in Nusa Penida. But if coming during the dry season, the location is arid because it is dry. However, this does not change the natural beauty of the Pasih Uug Beach.

    The cliffs that form a tunnel due to the erosion of sea water, from above, look like a bridge. Walking on the hillside bridge at the end of Pasih Uug Beach is certainly an interesting experience. The beauty of the Pasih Beach Uug is not only the blue sea water and the fresh coastal air that blows. Tourists can also watch some manta fish swimming in this giant pool. Even sea turtles also often appear on the beach which is also called Broken Beach.


    • It is recommended to bring enough supplies because there are no food stalls.
    • The thing that should not be forgotten is also the camera because it is to photograph every beauty presented on Pasih Uug Beach.
    • Every visitor is expected to always maintain cleanliness so that the environment is always sustainable and green.

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