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Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

    obyek wisata alas kedaton`


    Alas Kedaton Bali is a protected forest area that has an area of approximately 12 hectares. Besides many trees, visitors will see many monkeys around the forest area. Inside the forest area there  is  also  a  temple  called  Alas  Kedaton  temple.  

    The  location  of  Alas  Kedaton  tourist attractions  is  in  Kukuh  village, Marga  sub-district,  Tabanan-Bali  district.  approximately 35 kilometers from the city of Denpasar. The main attraction of this tourist attraction lies in the monkeys  that  inhabit  the  forest  area,  numbering  around  2,000  monkeys.  

    Until  now  Alas Kedaton’s environmental conditions are still maintained because of the customs of local residents who abstain from cutting down trees carelessly, let alone to clear the forest. So from that when entering the gate, visitors will be welcomed by these monkeys. monkeys here are very tame and familiar with human existence. Monkeys will not attack, if visitors do not act violently against them.

    Even though these monkeys are tame, but still wild animals, it is advisable to remain cautious especially with regard to luggage and try to put it in a bag and be hidden. Such as wallets, cellphones, glasses, earrings and other small items. visitors can take pictures with the monkeys in a special place for group photos.

    Not only monkeys, visitors can also take pictures with snakes or bats. Alas Kedaton Temple or Pura Dalem Kahyangan. It is estimated that this temple was built around 1364 AD. The architecture of Alas Kedaton Temple is very unique, different from other temples in Bali. Temple generally has many carvings on the pelinggih section, but not on Alas Kedaton Temple. At pelinggih, it appears only the stone structure. Alas Kedaton Temple is believed to have magical powers to protect the entire forest area and surrounding residents.


    • Bring a little food that can give to monkeys, like bananas or peanuts. If having provided food, then you have the opportunity to take pictures with apes.
    • Women in period are not allowed to enter the temple

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