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    Location of Candidasa Bali

    Candidasa tourism object is a resort area that has beaches, restaurants and places to stay. If departing from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it will take 1 hour 40 minutes, with a distance of 64 kilometers


    Candi Dasa is a village in Bali whose location is on the coast in eastern Bali which is located on the edge of a freshwater lagoon. This area has several parts that look white sand, but now more corals with small rocks on the shores of the beach, to avoid prolonged abrasion and also beach-breaking embankments, on the edge of the beach fenced with mountain rocks look harmonious and combine with natural beaches.

    Candidasa as popular transit spot

    On the edge of Candidasa beach, there are natural views of the sea, seawater looks calm just small wave ripples, but sometimes in certain months the waves in the middle of the beach also look quite high, so that it is also used by tourists to play surfing. About 200 meters from the shoreline looks beautiful with several small islands in the middle of the sea, small plains in the middle of the hill-shaped sea named Gili Biaha, Gili Tepekong and Gili Mempang, and Gili Biaha the largest with an area of 3 acres, even Gili Biaha can also be seen from the beach of Perasi (Virgin Beach).

    Candi Dasa Village is known as a popular transit spot for many tourists and offers treats for alternative beach resorts that are more calm and relaxed. In this village there is a temple near the lagoon, in the form of a Hariti fertility statue surrounded by a group of children, and that’s why this place was once called Cilidasa.

    Snorkeling & Diving

    CandiDasa Bali village is known to be the destination of a new tourist spot in Bali with the discovery of locations for snorkeling and diving in the area. At Candi Dasa Beach, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach with its blue sea which is still very clean and natural. In the coastal area we can also watch traditional fishing boats that sail and dock. Lines of palm trees or coconuts and green trees along the coastline, make this tourist spot in Karangasem a hidden marine tourism paradise.

    Sunset on Candidasa Bali

    The beauty of Sunset on Candidasa Bali looks more perfect and attractive. The sunrise is also amazingly beautiful. Here there are lots of very good spots or dive spots, where we can see underwater scenery of the island of Bali (underwater), which is a natural coral reef that is a habitat for many marine animals ranging from colorful fish to Pari fish. The best time to visit this beach is in the morning so the tourists can see beautiful sunset. The tourists can see sunset at 5 p.m in the afternoon.


    –    don’t forget to use sunscreen so that the skin is protected from the heat of the sun

    –     There are several diving locations that are not intended for beginners. Therefore, before diving, it would be better if you convey to the instructor in advance about the level of proficiency in diving.

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