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    Bali museum is located in the center of Denpasar, the address is precisely on Jalan Mayor Wisnu Denpasar Bali.

    In front of the Bali museum there is a very wide field, the name of the field is the Puputan Badung field, and there is the Catur Muka statue (a four face statue).
    The distance from Ngurah Rai airport is 15 kilometers, because of frequent traffic jams in the city of Denpasar, then it will need approximately 1 hour by car.

    The Bali Museum in Denpasar initially only had a land area of 2,600 square meters and there were three divisions of each page, outside courtyard, central courtyard and inner courtyard.

    Right on the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia, the management of the Bali museum in Denpasar was taken over by the provincial government of Bali. Then on January 5, 1965, the Indonesian government took over the management of the museum, which was then handed over to the department of education and culture. The education and culture office then gave the name, the Bali provincial state museum.

    Bali Museum Art Collection

    In this museum, visitors can see art collections with historical values from Balinese culture.

    The appeal of the Bali Denpasar Museum lies in the collection consisting of various ethnographic objects, such as equipment and supplies of life, art, religion, written language that reflect the culture of Balinese society. Visitors as if adventuring and traveling immediately explore all areas in Bali.

    The Tabanan Pavilion features a South Balinese architectural style in the northern part of the museum. The Tabanan Pavilion displays a collection of ethnographic and artistic objects, such as dance costumes, masks, shadow puppets, kris and some ancient statues.

    The Karangasem Pavilion illustrates typical East Balinese building art. The collection owned by the pavilion is no less great than the other pavilions. Featuring works of art, namely paintings, archaeological objects and prehistoric relics.

    The Buleleng Pavilion symbolizes the characteristics of North Bali architecture. This pavilion was built using donations directly from King Buleleng.

    Collections that can be found are simple clay sculptures, various kinds of life equipment for Balinese people such as household appliances, agricultural equipment, fishermen, and equipment made of stone.
    The Buleleng Pavilion also has a collection of Balinese traditional costumes and accessories, such as traditional Balinese fans.
    The last pavilion at the main entrance has a tall towering kulkul.
    Kulkul is a traditional equipment for gathering residents.

    The ground floor of the pavilion contains a collection of prehistoric objects of Balinese society in four groups of periods. The period of hunting and collecting simple food, the period of hunting and gathering of advanced foods, planting periods and perundagian period. In addition, on the ground floor it also has a collection of objects in the history of the Balinese people and three advanced periods, namely the ancient Balinese period, the mid-Balinese period, and the new Balinese period.

    While the upper floor of the pavilion contains a collection of traditional Balinese art and objects that symbolize the peak of the glory of Balinese culture in various aspects of life.

    Visitors are not allowed to take valuable collections in Bali museum.


    Bring camera to capture best moment in there

    The best time to visit this place is in the morning or evening because the sun is not so hot.

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